Riepshoff & Suchopar

Jan & Andreas, both of them involved in the emergence of modern electronic styles form the very beginning on – though in different cities and genres – are actually much too old for the Techno scene let alone to start a completely new Project. Due to their lack of contact with reality and their ignorance towards conventions, they did it anyway. Simply because they love it. By reciprocal remixing, a symbiosis of their different stylistic devices emerged: the project Riepshoff & Suchopar. The focus is clearly on a structure of thick beats, sometimes paired with beautiful melodies which take you on a journey. Work in the studio follows the paradigm “what’s brought up by one of ‘em can be meaningfully complemented by the other one”. How does it sound when a software developer and a natural scientist lock themselves in in a WWII bunker and let the inspiration run free? You can find out with their first releases on
Bunte Liebe Records, a lately founded Bremen-based Techno label.

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