Nanokosmos is a German DJ/producer in the electronic music scene since the beginning of the 90ies. He is also known as DJ N.D., InCiTe, Anni Roc, Soul Included, IO Sequence and ADS. As DJ N.D. he played actively on Drum and Bass Raves across Germany from 1995 till 2005. He decided to quit deejaying in 2005 for personal reasons, but played on a couple „Revival Raves“ since then and is regulary playing on TLR (The Liquid Room).

  • Resident as DJ N.D. (Events)
    Dreamland, One Nation, Junglemania, Innovation, Kings of the Jungle, Septic Nights, The Liquid RoomResident as DJ N.D. (Clubs)
    Black Baby Club (Tower Music Club) , Dubplate Business (Rosige Zeiten, Ting), Stressbreaker (Tower Music Club), The Liquid Room (Lila Eule)
  • Event and Festival Highlights as DJ N.D.
    Nature One, Vision Parade, Loveparade, Berlinova, Quix Mellow Lounge at Internationale Funkausstellung, Kings oft he Jungle, One Nation, Revival Rave, Hard Pop Days Festival, Dreamland.
  • Discographie as DJ N.D.
    How many Niggaz (Dreamtone)
    Reflaxation, Agoodday, Sunshine every day, Abadday (Quadrophone, Sampler compiled, alias Anni Roc, Incite)
    Muevete (Phunkfiktion, alias Soul Included)
    Tight wie wir (Unterklasse Platin, Serge & Nick)